What is REST?

A structured set of rules for how a web app or API works.

The rules are based around:

  1. Resources - nouns - photos, friends, invoices.
  2. Actions - verbs - create, list, show, update, delete.

Why bother with REST?

Imagine trying to have a conversation with someone who's rude and socially awkward. Imagine playing a game of football with no rules.

It'd be pretty chaotic, frustrating and unproductive.

The internet works of requests and responses. But requests and responses are pretty unstructured. We need a few rules.

It's like a house. Requests and responses are the raw materials. REST is like the building regulations.


  • Any other programmer who understands REST can understand your app quickly
  • Web apps and APIs can communicate really easily with each other - they both know the rules
  • Some software has REST built in, which means it's easy to do and speeds up development


  • Programmers don't get total control over how their web app works

REST is now standard across all modern decent web apps. There's no reason not to use it.

How does REST work?

REST works off resources and actions.

In everyday English, a resource is a noun, and an action is the verb.

"I smashed the chair" - the resource is the chair, the action is smash.

Example - Facebook

Facebook is a RESTful app.

What resources does Facebook have?

  1. Friends
  2. Photos
  3. Albums
  5. Status
  6. Events

What actions does Facebook have?

In a RESTful app, there are always seven actions to choose from:

  1. List
  2. Show
  3. New
  4. Create
  5. Edit
  6. Update
  7. Destroy

Everything you do in a RESTful app is a combination of a resource and an action.

Let's walk through using Facebook. Along the way we'll identify the resources and action.

1. Login

What do you see when you login to Facebook? Your friends' status updates.

  • Resource Status
  • Action List

2. Post a new status

Imagine you've just eaten a delicious bowl of ice cream. Yasss!

It's vital that your friends are aware just how good that tasted.

You type up your status update and hit "post".

  • Resource Status
  • Action Create

3. Post a photo

You want to show the world how amazing your ice cream was.

You click on "Post a photo". Up pops a form where you can upload a photo.

  • Resource Photo
  • Action New

Then you upload your photo, click "Create"

  • Resource Photo
  • Action New