What is an endpoint?

A URL for a feature that an API offers.

For example, here are the endpoints of the Spotify API:

Endpoints of Spotify API

Where's the start of the URL?

In API documentation, it's usually not shown, just so it all looks neater.

For the Spotify API, the base URL is:


If the endpoint is:


then the full endpoint URL will be:


What do the things in curly braces mean?

It means "put a unique identifier here".

The first endpoint is


So we'd put the albums's ID instead of the curly braces.

Let's have a quick example.

Example: How to get Blackstar by David Bowie

The album ID of Blackstar is 2w1YJXWMIco6EBf0CovvVN.

So you'd make a request to:


Click here to try it out.

Or just copy and paste that URL into your address bar.

You've just made a call to a JSON API endpoint. Woohoo!