How to use the Spotify API to get the tracks of an album

What is an API? gave the theory of an API.

Now it's time to get your hands dirty.

We'll get all the track names David Bowie's Blackstar album using the Spotify API.

1. Find the Blackstar Album

  • The Spotify API has a unique ID for every album.
  • We need to get the unique ID for Blackstar. Google for "David Bowie Blackstar Spotify"

Search for Blackstar by Bowie

2. Get the Album ID

  • Select the long nonsense number at the end.
  • Go Edit > Copy to copy to the clipboard

Copy Album ID to the clipboard

3. Launch the Spotify API Explorer

Launch the Spotify API Explorer

4. Enter the Album ID

  • Edit > Paste in the Album ID text box

Enter the Album ID

5. Make the request

  • Click Try it!

Click Try It

6. Check it out!

Check out the response

What theā€¦?

Yeah, I know. It's a lot to take in.

  • All the crap in grey are the HTTP Headers. That's the boring bit. Skip it.
  • The data at the bottom is the juicy bit. Let's have a look at that.

7. Scroll down

Scroll down

Hurgh. I'm getting a headache. This is really hard to read.

Agreed. Why? Because an API is designed so that one website can talk to another. It's two computers chatting to another.

For us humans an API response can be pretty overwhelming to understand. But a computer just loves this nested intense splurge of pure data.

Without pretty styles and fonts, the computer can grab all this data and do a million interesting things with it.

This is a JSON API, so this is the data formatted as JSON.

8. Read the track names in the response

  • See that little "items" near the top? That's where the list of tracks begin.
  • And in amongst the crap in "items", you can see the names of the tracks.

Names of the tracks

9. All done!

The Spotify API is incredibly powerful. Check out all the things you can do with it:

All the endpoints

And it's all free!

10. Have a play yourself

Visit the Spotify Explorer and play around.

And tweet at me if you've got any questions or comments on this tutorial.